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 How our Role-Playing Works

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Braeden Hyuuga

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PostSubject: How our Role-Playing Works   Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:57 pm

Okay guys, listen up. I've come up with a more intelligent way for us to have ninja battles. Firstly, when you're creating a thread in which to characters will fight, you will have to choose whether it will be an official battle (in which we will judge who wins) or a go with the flow battle, where you guys decide for yourselves who win. One other thing is that all exam battles, like Chunin Exams, or Jonin exams, or Ninja Academy battles, will be judged. If you want your thread judged mail the Official account. There, you don't have a choice. So, it will go like this.

Read this glossary first.

HP: Health Points

MP: Mission Points

At the end of every mission you finish, an admin will decide how well you guys did it, and you will be rewarded Mission Points. Mission Points will increase your Health Points. It will make you able to endure longer. Everyone at the beginning, starts with 20 default HP. Let's say you succesfully completed a mission, and an admin/official awards you 3 MP. Then, your HP increases by 6. It's how many MP you get, times 2. Don't worry, you still get to keep your MP. You will now have 3 MP and 26 HP.

Now for the explanation. There will be an account titled 'Official' whom will let's say 'mark' the battle. At the beggining of an Official battle, all the people fighting would start the thread like this:
John Pierce's post:
HP: 20/20
[i][b]HP: 20/20[/i][/b]

Maria Dubree's post:
HP: 25/25

Then after they have both made one post with that, they'll make their RP post. After their post, if they did some sort of attack, the Official will edit their fiirst post to subtract their health and write why their health was subtracted and how much the person's attack was. Let's say it did 5 damage. The Official would edit the post to make it look like this:

HP: 15/20
-17 damage to John Pierce from Maria's Rasengan

I know this is all really confusing, so I will make an example thread. (Better be happy, you lot Smile)

Remember, you don't have to do this if you just want a go with the flow thread.

Official account: Official
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How our Role-Playing Works
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