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 Braeden Hyuuga

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Braeden Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Braeden Hyuuga   Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:27 pm

Name: Braeden Hyuuga

Occupation: Leaf Shinobi
(Example: Leaf Shinobi, Road Ninja, Leaf Sensei, etc...)

Village: Leaf Village (Konoha)

Clan: Hyuuga

Family Members: Dad: Tenchi Hyuuga Mom: Naika Hyuuga

Age: 15

Rank: Chunin

Jutsu Style: B-C Rank Jutsu. Water Style

No Genjutsu
All Dojutsu for the Byakugan.
Summoning Jutsu: Spider
Summoning Jutsu: Eternal Puddle of Water
Water Clone
Water Style: Thousand Needles of Death
Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu
Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu
Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
Water Style: Whirlpool Rasengan (Dunare)
Water Style: Sword of Death
Water Style: Dunare Transformation
Water Style: Pit of Tartarus
Water Style: Mouth of the Serpent

Eyes: Clear, no pupil.

Hair: Red.

Physical Description: Braeden is about the average height for his age. He is rather skinny. He usually dresses in leg-warmers and shorts with a long sleeved shirt. His sword is as long as his waist down.

Hobbies: Training, sleeping.

Fears: Death, death of family, Akatsuki.

Strengths: Fighting, persuading, insulting.

Weaknesses: Making friends, flirting

Personality: Braeden is not a shy guy, but he has trouble making friends because of his attitude. It runs in the Hyuuga clan, Braeden sometimes says. He is a straight-forward type of guy. He doesn't usually think before he talks.

History: Braeden's history is simple. He was born, raised in the Hyuuga clan on the main branch. His father taught him all the dojutsu and techniques of the Hyuuga clan. His mother taught him some Ice Release jutsu as well, as she had originated from that clan.

Braeden had thought he would've been the top of his class in the ninja academy, but he had thought wrong. He had almost failed the graduation test, and he had no skills whatoever in genjutsu, but was fair at taijutsu.

How did you find us?: I own the site.

Sample Role-Play: (Does not have to be long)
Braeden Hyuuga stood in the Brawl Center. He was bruised up and down. He could feel all the eyes from above. Every single person in the audience sat there, staring. Expecting so much from the young boy. He didn't know what to do. He certainly didn't want to have to have to resort to that Doujutsu. But apparently, he had no choice if he wanted to become a Jonin.

Braeden grinned. This guy had no chance. He was in range, and couldn't escape. Braeden did the proper foot and handwork. "Eight trigrams, sixty-four palms!" With his Byakugan he made sure he had the Chakra points in his sight. Braeden ran fast, so his opponent wouldn't even try moving away, because that would mean more work. Braeden counted with the hits in his head, making sure that he stopped the Chakra flow. 2 palms, 4 palms, 8 palms, 16 palms, 32 palms, 64 palms! Everyone thought it was so easy, but really, it's not at all. And when you finish, it puts an enormous strain on your arms.

Braeden put all of his power in the last hit, which might determine the whole match. His opponent fell to the ground with a huge thud.
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Braeden Hyuuga
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