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 Tao Ugashi

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PostSubject: Tao Ugashi   Tao Ugashi Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:47 pm

Ugashi Tao

Leaf Shinobi

Konohagakure no Sato


Family Members:
Waay to many to list out. But this list includes all immediate family members, dead or alive, as well as those who have had large impacts on his life.
Mother: Ugashi Hanako(deceased)
Father: Ugashi Kaji (deceased)
Uncle (father’s side): Ugashi Kiiroshi(in prison)
Cousins: Ugashi Tres, Ugashi Keisuke, Ugashi Nat, Ugashi Shinji
Grandparents (father’s side): Ugashi Cho and Ugashi Lin (deceased)



Jutsu Style:
As a rule of thumb, he favours Ninjutsu as well as some Genjutsu. His chakra nature is Water.

Transformation Technique [Henge no Jutsu]
Shadow Clone Technique. [Kage Bunshin no Jutsu]
Substitution Skill [Kawarimi no Jutsu]
Exploding Tag; Activate.[Jibaku Fuda: Kassei]
Release [Kai]
Tree Climbing Skill [Kinobori no Waza]
Cloak of Invisibility Technique [Kakuremino no Jutsu]
Water Surface Walking Skill [Suimen Hokou no Waza]
Rope Escape Skill [Nawanuke no Jutsu]
Artistic Seclusion [Geijutsuka no Kakuri]
Paper Manipulation Skill [Kami Ayatsuru no Jutsu]
Paper Manipulation: Ten Thousand Paper Needles [Manka Kami Hari]
Paper Manipulation: All Seeing Eye
Summoning: Sun and Moon [Kyuchiyose: Taiko toka Tsuki]
Summoning: Paper Puppets – Wind/Earth/Water/Fire/Blood [Kyuchiyose: Kami Yubinigyo – Kaze/Tsuchi/Mizu..etc]
Water Style: God of Water [Suiton: Mizukami]
Water Style: Exploding Water Shockwave [Suiton: Bakusui Shoha]
Summoning: Water Style; Liquid Fire [Kyuchiyose: Suiton Mizu no Hira]
Water Style: Water Missile Protection [Suiton: Mizuairu Hogo]
Fire Style: Fang of Tiger [Katon: Tora no Kiba] *this only works when he’s using his puppet, Kuro, who possesses the heart of Tao’s lover, Suki; her chakra nature was fire.



Physical Description:
Tao's fairly tall, the tallest member of his former team in fact; standing (when he isn't slouching) at around 167 cm(about 5 ft 9), give or take a few. He also weighs the most of the team, coming in at 69 Kilograms. Though compared to a lot of other males his age, he looks diminutive. Most of his weight comes from his muscles and unusually large build (for an Ugashi anyway, there are plenty of people larger than him), results from years of intense training and pushing himself. His unusual size comes from his mother’s side, not his father’s, as his father is of Ugashi Bloodline. His mother's father was fairly large and the trait seems to have wormed its way into Tao's own blood. Despite his unusual size in accordance to his Clan linage, he has a very lanky body. As said, he's extremely tall, even for a male and his muscular frame is spread proportionately throughout. Though physically strong, he's not very solidly built, rather, he's easily brought down in close combat. He's build specifically for speed and long range fighting, which works in his favour anyway. Though he's not skinny, nor is he weak, he isn't the best at holding his own when push comes to shove.
His face is fairly narrow, though not overly so. Even so, he's one of those people with a flexible, expressive face. No matter how good he is at controlling his emotions, and no matter how hard it is to tell those emotions apart from one another, the expressions that do cross his face from time to time are well defined and all to obvious if he lets his tight hold on his feelings slip for any amount of time. His eyes are equally, if not more, expressive as his face. Fairly narrow, though bright and liquid shined, they hold the same absolute focus as his personality. Piercing and rather cold at times, it can make anyone squirm to have him completely and utterly focused on them. Like many of his clan mates, those intense eyes are a brilliant shade of blue, bright and lively despite his colder emotional exterior. There always seems to be bags under his eyes, most likely from stress. His hair is kept up out of his vision, his practical nature taking over in his personal grooming. Even with his messy bangs, his hair only hangs just above his eyes. His hair is short, again to keep it from burdening him on missions, spiked and straight except in the front where his bangs betray his naturally slightly curly hair. He's pierced his right ear three times, adding to his (what could be considered) "bad-ass" look. Though it must be recognized that he hardly intended such an assumption to come from looks alone.
In his youth, he used to have a more unique clothing style which he would wear almost every day, but now, he sticks to the generic jounin apparel, consisting of a navy blue, long sleeved shirt; navy trousers; and an olive green ninja vest with various scrolls and weapons which he uses in battle. All over his body, he’s got little compartments filled with little slips of paper for his paper manip. Jutsus. And like any ninja, he’s got several visible scars under the clothing; some are from battles, others from friends and family members. Like all of his clan mates, he is almost always wearing the navy shoulder pads bearing his clans insignia.
Around his neck, usually tucked away under his clothes, is a thin silver coloured chain on which he has a gold ring that hangs from his neck. This is the ring he would have given his love, Suki, when he proposed but since her death he has simply kept it around his neck. On his right wrist is a black wristband. But even this serves a purpose. Under the wristband are small bits of paper (about 1 in. by 1 in. each) with the kanji symbol of each of his paper puppet’s respective elemental names, written in his own blood, allowing him to summon any of them, even if he lacks access to the actual scroll he uses most of the time.

Tao, since he resigned as the head of the Ugashi clan, has become much more open to doing things simply because he enjoys them instead of filling all of his time with training and missions. While he still doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, Tao enjoys sharing stories with his clan mates and his comrades (something the Ugashi clan is infamous for), drinking with his oldest cousin, meditating on his own, and studying world history. As a rule of thumb, he tends to keep up with world events as well and is usually up to date of the happening of the Village.

Tao has a lot of fears, far too many to really list out and explain. All that you have to know about these things is that he has suppressed most of them. With the death and conquest of his father, Tao was able to put them aside and they seldom prevent him from doing what he needs to do. Things like claustrophobia and fear of confintation are minor things as far as he’s concerned and he tries not to let his fear get the best of him.
However, after suffering the loss of several of his loved ones, he is reluctant to become responsible for the lives of anyone else for fear of accidentally killing them either directly or indirectly. He is also afraid of losing anyone else and therefore does his best to put his loved ones out of the reach of danger.
While he will not admit this to most, his greatest fear is simply being useless to anyone and being unable to do missions or be a shinobi. It might seem strange given the fact that he never really wanted to be a ninja, but he has long gotten over that and accepted his status. Now his biggest fear is that he simply cannot do anything more than be a shinobi of the Leaf. It’s been his life for as long as he can remember and the idea of not going on missions and not working for the Hokage terrifies him and he secretly feels that he would lose something of himself if he quit now.

Tao has a great many number of skills that any ninja could be proud of. He is practical and level headed and able to think quickly on his feet and formulate intricate and workable plans out in a second when he’s in a pinch. He’s a master over his chakra nature and he’s even proven able to summon up the two Great Elders of the Ugashi clan – two large fish with an impressive skill level in battle – to aid him in battle, something only three Ugashi clan members have been able to do in the last one hundred years. He's a thinker and a wonder on the battle field; and a terrible opponent to ever get matched up against.

Some of his greatest strengths can become his greatest weaknesses when he’s paired up with the right opponent. He has never looked into trying to develop whatever the second side of his chakra nature is and therefore, since he specializes in ninjutsu, most of his attacks are based on water. Lightning, of course, can become a major threat to him. He’s a long distance fighter and therefore, taijutsu is another definite weakness and fighting hand to hand, while he can resort to it if he has to, can leave him crippled very easily. This is especially so because he is a planner and an observer and thinking quickly enough to be able to effectively parry blows up close can be a challenge for him.
His puppets, while able to operate independently from him without the use of chakra strings, have a great weakness that can become easy to exploit if an enemy is willing to be patient. That is, Tao can, obviously, only ever push so much chakra into them to make them more. In short, he will always be working under a time limit. There is no set time though, his limitations will vary depending on a number of factors – how much chakra he’s got, how large the puppet it, what the puppet is doing and so on – but if he can’t land direct hits with the puppet right off the bat, the puppet becomes weaker as chakra runs out and Tao will have to come into direct contact with it to replenish its chakra.
He is a team player and a natural leader, but if he isn’t familiar with someone’s battling style, he tends to reject them outright from his plans, leaving his teams crippled at times.
Speaking socially, he isn’t a very..adept person when it comes to interacting with people. He’s better at it since his ordeal with his uncle, but there has always been a sort of barrier than keeps him from being very social.

For the longest time, when he was virtually nothing more than a puppet to his father and, more recently, his uncle, Tao’s character seemed very shallow and almost devoid of anything but his stubborn determination to complete missions and get stronger regardless of the cost. Under his father, he was persistent, focused, and determined, all to a fault. Then, when his uncle took him under his deceiving wing, Tao became emotionally distraught and unstable as he took an unsteady hold of his clan with his uncle controlling him and using Tao’s fragile ego and trust toward him as a chain to bind him with. However, after accidentally killing his father and realizing his uncle’s true intention, Tao has started to change for the better. He is still hopelessly attached to his job as a shinobi, feeling as though it is the only thing he has left. He also feels as though if he quit being a shinobi in favour for the more comfortable life as the Ugashi Clan leader, all of the sacrifices made by the friends and loved ones he lost along the way would have been in vain. He grieves still over the loss of Suki, his lover, and Hatsumaru, his best friend, and holds himself responsible for their deaths (which, in a way, he was).
Lately, though he has been able to overcome a great deal of his depression and grief with the help of his cousin, Tres – to whom he places his deepest faith in and shows unwavering loyalty to – he remains relatively secluded from his peers, even those he once considered to be close friends. But he still retains his sense of loyalty and dignity as an Ugashi, even though he has accepted his clan’s many faults. Though he is technically the one supposed to be leading his clan, he has passed on his will and desire to change the Ugashi for the better to Tres and continued his career as a shinobi. However, feeling as though it would be the only way to redeem himself and erase the sins of his father and uncle, he has agreed to tutor a team of genin.
Tao, without this terrible burden of grief, isn’t a bad guy. He’s loyal to his friends and while he is reluctant to grow attached, when he is told to be responsible for someone, he would give his life for them. Patient and highly intelligent, Tao is a very level headed kind of guy and isn’t likely to lose his temper. He’s not a very apathetic person to begin with either, though that fact is masked somewhat by his mood as of late. He is quick to recognize the potential in his team mates and, unfortunately, probably won’t be very interested in a person if he feels they are lacking in skill. This is because of the fact that for so long, everything was about the missions he was doing, that he often forgets that people are likely to change and get better. He’s not a very good judge of character though he tends to know right away when someone will lag behind on a job or when they will or won’t be a threat to him in battle. He’s polite but won’t hesitate to use force to put people in their place when he feels he needs to.

History: WIP still trying to condense it -_-;;

How did you find us?:

Sample Role-Play:
...Another squeal of metal. Two hundred yards behind him now. His mind churned again, doing it's best to try and formulate a plan. But even if he could dodge the metal giant, how was he to defend against the invisable filings? How, How? How? One hundred meters. Think, dammit! Find a vantage point! Gain the upperhand. Don't let your gaurd fall! Yes, he needed the upper hand. But how? The flat ground had dissapeared now, rising up into large dunes. "Dammit." The sound behind him began to fade, forcing him to tense in anticipation. least the dunes would provide a bit of shelter for the moment. It was too dificult for him to keep bounding foreward with his feet slipping with the sand each time he tried to propel himself forward. His sandels hit the side of out on the sandy hills again and this time, he allowed himself to slide down it, leaving dust and sand into the air in his wake. Sliding down between two of the hills, he pressed his back against the cool sand, almost forgetting his predicament as it cooled his heated body. But now, Tao never was one to be easily distracted. Especially as sand got into his open and burned flesh, and he hissed through gritted teeth at it. Think!, he told himself again. He needed to find an advantage, quickly. Without the noisy sound of metal tailing him, he wasn't sure exactly where the man in the metal armor had gotten to. Sinking further into the sandy pit, Tao pulled at the wristband on his arm. A plan..he just needed a plan. The sand lurched beneath him quite suddenly, shifting and forcing him to brace himself against the hill behind him. So he's there-!?, he grunted as as the ground underneath him rose up on it's own accord, toppling over the hills he hadn been hunckered between. The underlying tones of metal scraping against metal proved his suspitions. He was here! His mind clicked suddenly and he'd found his advantage. The metal glimmered in the fast rising sun and the mechanical behoman lunged forward, it's movments surprisingly quick for something that made the earth sink into itself with each step. However, Tao noticed immediatly; it was clumsy. There! The monster rattles, cackling to himself as he lifted his head to watch Tao take to the sky. "Heheheh, found you!, the man's voice echoed loudly within the metal shell. Funny, he could almost hear Dani laughing at him in his mind. And advantage? For Tao? In a fucking desert? How absurd!

Not really., he corrected his team mate in his mind. And in one fluid motion, the boy had snagged three slips of thin paper from the holster on his right leg, cocked his arm back, and swiped it outward to let them fly.

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PostSubject: Tao Ugashi   Tao Ugashi Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:52 pm

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