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 Shiro Kito

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Shiro Kito
Shiro Kito

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PostSubject: Shiro Kito   Shiro Kito Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:53 pm

Name: Shiro Kito

Occupation: Leaf Village Sensei

Village (Leaf Village ONLY): Konoha

Clan: Kito Clan

Family Members:
Mother: *Mei Kito, Deceased
Father: *Ryo Kito, Deceased
Siblings: *Kado Kito, Older Brother, Missing Ninja
*Reizo Kito, Older Brother, Jounin
*Yoshi Kito, Older Brother, Anbu

Age: 24

Rank: Jounin

Jutsu Style: Shiro is a jack of all trades, although he does prefer genjutsu and water style ninjutsu

Jutsu: Shiro can do all your basic everyday shinobi jutsus, as it is required a shinobi. But here are some of the other jutsu's he can do.....

» Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu ("Water Clone Skill")

» Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu ("Water Type - Water Dragon Blast Skill")

» Kanashibari no Jutsu ("Body Freeze Skill")

» Utsusemi no Jutsu ("Projection Technique")

» Kuchiyose no Jutsu ("Summoning Technique")

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Physical Description: Shiro is on the shorter side of the height scale. His eye's are a dark shade of blue and seem to go straight through you and into your soul. He has short brown hair that lays against his headband, nearly covering the leaf village symbol. He has several scars running down his arms from several dangerous missions when he was only a mere Chunin. Shiro looks remarkably like his late father, Ryo, except for his eye's which are identical to his mother's...or I suppose...WERE identical. Shiro has very little facial hair that you can't even notice. Like many others in the Kito family he has a hard time growing a beard. Although he is proud to say he is beginning to get sideburns.

*Teaching students
*Watching his students pass his classes

*The destruction of Konoha
*Letting his ego get the best of him

*Is very intelligent
*Can be friendly yet strict
*Fast movements
*Forgives and Forgets

*Can get violent

Personality: Shiro tries to be a caring and kind hearted individual, although sometimes he can be very overprotective. He has a stubborn streak and doesn't tolerate anyone messing around in his class. Unfortunately Shiro is a very forgetful and clumsy soul who usually ends up falling on his face about five times a day, possibly more. He has good intentions but sometimes it seems the exact opposite. He is overall a very good shinobi and a trustworthy guy, minus the fact he can get a bit awkward.

History: Shiro was born and raised in Konoha, his favorite place. He was the fourth child to be born in his family and is the youngest of all his siblings. When he was in the academy he wasn't particularly the best but definitely not the worst. During his childhood years he was the risk taker of his squad. He even has the scars to prove it. Shiro lost his parents due to a mission gone wrong, murdered by a couple of rogue ninjas. To this day nobody knows who indeed was the killers. To make his life even more awful his brother went missing when Shiro was only fifteen, never to be seen again. Some say his brother died finding his parents killers, others say he merely changed his name and went to another village for some reason unknown. All and all Shiro's family life isn't the best. But at least he still has his brothers left.

Shiro was promoted to Jounin at a moderately young age. He was inspiring to become an anbu but ended up with the position as a sensei instead. At first he was very furious about this but decided it wasn't all that bad. In fact he rather liked teaching his students and has grown to become a very good teacher. Shiro is now still at the rank of a sensei, and darn proud of it. He rarely talks to his siblings anymore and they have grown to, for some reason, resent him. Shiro is still unraveling the secrets of his family but has doubts he will ever learn the full truth...

How did you find us?: Advertisement is a charm

Sample Role-Play: Shiro walked into Ichiraku, digging his hands down into his pockets. His stomach was growling and his eye's were bloodshot and hurting from staying up all night to grade papers. He plopped himself down into a stool and smiled politely at the man behind the counter. "One bowl of pork ramen please." Shiro grinned, taking one hand out of his pocket to silently grab a pair of chopsticks. Several people also came dashing into the ramen shop, laughing loudly and talking about some kind of new novel that came out. Shiro stared at them for several moments before becoming very uninterested in what they were babbling about so he turned back to the counter in front of him. His bowl of ramen was placed in front of him and Shiro broke apart his chopsticks and began to dig into his noodles. The steam came up from the hot ramen and seemed to open all of his pours and bring some color back into his pale face. When Shiro was done with his meal he paid for it and numbly got up from his seat. "Sleep." he mumbled under his breath as he began to trudge out of the shop. Before he left he let his gaze drift back to the group of obnoxious teenagers and he allowed a small chuckle before turning and leaving down the street.

As Shiro walked there seemed to be a new found skip to step and he was feeling mighty good now that he had food in him. He rubbed the back of his neck and kept his dark eye's focused on the ground in front of him. He didn't want to have another falling accident like he did earlier that day. Or rather, SEVERAL times earlier that day. Shiro was clumsy and he wasn't afraid to admit it. Although he was anything but proud of it either. Shiro heaved a sigh and made his way back to the academy, his feet feeling like lead underneath him. "More. Papers." he groaned, pushing his way back through the academy doors. He grunted as he stiffly sat down at his desk and pulled out another stack of schoolwork. Shiro's eye lids grew droopy and heavy and he had a hard time focusing. Soon his head fell to the desk and a loud snoring rang throughout the building.

"Uh....Shiro-sensei..." said a small voice, awaking the slumbering Shiro. "Yes...?" he asked, slowly lifting his head to see his class sitting upright in their seats. "Oh!" he yelped before jumping up, brushing off his clothes and acting as though he wasn't sleeping. "What time is it?" he questioned anxiously, his face turning a bright shade of red. "Five minutes till class starts!" shouts out a red haired boy. "We were wondering when you were gonna wake up, Sensei!" Shiro gave a weary smile. "Wake up...?" he acted surprised. "Why I wasn't sleeping..." A girl in the front row giggled. "Yes you were! We saaaaw you!" The sensei shook his head in retaliation. "No...why that was my clone. What you just witnessed was jutsu, I merely switched myself with my clone." Shiro lied, his face beaming with innocence. The children didn't look very convinced but they just shrugged and pulled out their homework assignments from yesterday. Shiro's eye's got wide with horror. "No! I have to grade....MORE!?" he yelled on the inside. Shiro really needed to quite giving out so much homework....
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Braeden Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Shiro Kito   Shiro Kito Icon_minitime1Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:48 pm

Profile accepted!
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Shiro Kito
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