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 Midnight Stroll (Open)

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Shiro Kito
Shiro Kito

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PostSubject: Midnight Stroll (Open)   Midnight Stroll (Open) Icon_minitime1Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:11 am

Shiro gently trudged across town, letting his eye's glance over every little bit of scenery there was to see. The moonlight shone brightly in the night sky, sending streaks of light across his face. He quietly hummed a sad song to himself as he picked up pace and finally came to the village gate. He wasn't particularly sure why he was here, so he just took a numb seat down in front of it, looking out at the road that led from Konoha to many other places. Great places. Awful places. Shiro took a deep breath and contemplated everything that happened earlier that day, but then his memories slowly and gradually turned to the past times. The times when he was a genin, and a chunin. Shiro let his gaze drift from in front of him to his arms, which were covered with scars, horrid, awful scars.

"Mei, Akio, hurry and go!" shouted a younger Shiro, his voice echoing through the trees. His teammates were scrambling through the underbrush and were howling with pain as needles shot out at them and pierced the backs of there arms and legs. Shiro was glued in the same place, shifting his eye's through the trees trying to spot the enemy, wherever he might be. He didn't even seem to mind the fact his clothes were covered in pointed needles, his adrenaline was pumping to much and to fast for him to get a realistic grip. The boy caught a glimpse of movement to his right a swirled around, eye's wide. "Got'chu." a voice whispered before hitting Shiro in the back of the head. The Chunin falling to the ground.

Shiro let out a small whimper, remembering the dangerous blow that was delivered centimeters away from his temple. He lifted his chin up and now stared upright at the sky, not a star was in sight tonight, only the moon. Alone. "Your an idiot..." grumbled Shiro to himself. "Rehashing the past is never a good thing to really need to go and get some sleep so you can teach tomorrow..." But even after the words left his mouth he was still sitting in the same place. Rigid. Glued. His fingers were now shaking as he plunged back into his thoughts, his eye's having a distant glazed look about them as he thought.

The younger Shiro's eyelids flickered and he opened them hesitantly. He was no longer in the woods he had been in and his teammates were no where to be found. In fact, he wasn't even sure if he was anywhere near Konoha now. "Your awake. Good. Now the fun can get started." growled a low rumble of a voice from behind him. He looked down and realized very quickly that he was bound to the ground with several rows of chains. Shiro was oblivious to the reason why he was here. "Who are you?" he moaned, his fingers shaking as he tried to break the restraints. "There is no need to know my name, kid." said the voice again, this time the speaker stepped in front of Shiro. He had a gleam of insanity to his black eye's and his smile was far from a friendly one. "Now...Tell me...Where are your friends hiding?" he questioned, raising a eyebrow. "Like I'd tell you!" hissed Shiro, finding some inner courage. The enemy cackled before pulling out the same needles Shiro had seen earlier in the forest. Before he knew it Shiro was screaming out in pain as blood splattered to the floor. Slowly and surely the older man was cutting into the boy's arms. Blood drizzled. Cries of help were not heard.

Snap. Back to reality. Shiro's face turned as white as a ghost, and he sat so still and rigid passerby might have thought him to be dead. His eye's continued to gawk at the hundreds of tiny marks on his arms and he scanned them over. He could hear his heartbeat and frantic screeches in his ears. Alone.
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Aburame, Yuzuki
Aburame, Yuzuki

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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Stroll (Open)   Midnight Stroll (Open) Icon_minitime1Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:18 pm

It was a late night and the cold winds rised up to their expectations, Yuzuki found himself at the gates of Konogakure wandering in the darkness. If it werent for the cig in his mouth and the brightly shined moon in the sky he would be invisible to the naked eye. A jounin, it was merely just a rank to Yuzuki but to others it would mean something greater to them. He did not know why he was lurking in the shadows of the gates but he was sure to have heard something along the way so he figured he would inspect the area along the way to his home. He couldn't realy see much due to the lack of light but the smalls fire along the path gave him a decent sight of a male in the distances. "YO!" He yelled to grab the attention of the man. The leaf shinobi was mad causing all sorts of loud noises to attract attention, though he found himself a bit bored walking along the trail to his home without anything to do. His ciggarette in his mouth shifted to side to side, he inhaled some smoke from it trying to reach that prefect sensation which they inhabbit. It was a foul habbit to endure but what else could he do, he had already reached the ranks of jounin and he had no thoughts of becoming Hokage nor a Senin of any sort.

"Eh, you want a light man?" The man with the orange pair eyes questioned still trying so hard to get his attention. He couldn't tell if the man was a shinobi of the village and so as he got closer he unstrapped his large sword from its hoslter for insurance of protection, he would not let up on someone who he had yet to meet and if the case had called for it he would difantly take action to protect his village attacking this man. That was if the case had come up which he was not hopping too much for, instead he hopped to share a glass or two of sake with this man to waste time. Yuzuki was a man of honor who took his job as a shinobi to a different levels to others, eversince his wife had passed away he hasn't been too loving. The night was not getting any younger waiting for an answer but what else could have had done to gain such attention without attacking the poor man. He reached into his inventory for some shuriken with the hand that was free from the large swords grasp.

"Yo, yo!"
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Midnight Stroll (Open)
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