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Meishi Kazechu

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PostSubject: Meishi(WIP)   Meishi(WIP) Icon_minitime1Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:27 pm

Name: Meishi Kazechu

Occupation: Sunagakure Bukujutsu-Specialist Shinobi(Sand Village Puppet Master Shinobi)

: Sunagakure(sand Village)


Family Members: Meishi only has his two parents, who have both long since died.

Age: 74

Rank: Jonin

Jutsu Style:
Bukujustu -- Meishi specializes in Ninja Puppetry, a special kind of ninja fighting style involving wooden puppets to be moved by chakra strings. This style takes years to learn and in order to be a true master one must train their entire life. It originates in the Sand Village, and Meishi is so skilled with it, he seems to move them as if they where actually organic creatures. *His chakra nature is proudly Meishi(WIP) Wind Fuuton, wind*



.:Academy Techniques:.

Substitution, Rope-Untying, Basic Clone, Transformation, Weapon seal release, Explosive Tag Seal Release, and Chakra Control(Running on water/up walls)


.:Chakra Threads (D):.

By molding chakra into the fingers, the user forms chakra into a visible, thin strand of thread that can be used in a number of ways, such as control a puppet or to set traps.

.:Ninja art: Shrouding Surroundings:.

The user places a Genjutsu over the surrounding area, that refrains it from moving. Example: If you jump into a bush it will rustle, but with this Genjutsu, the surroundings will always remain the same, and will not give of noise. Everyone within range is automatically affected unless released, but has to be detected first.



.:Kugutsu no Jutsu (C):.

The art of using chakra strings to manipulate dolls or puppets, the user(when skilled enough) can use this technique in numerous ways to get the best of the hard to master fighting style/ninjutsu.

.:Fuuton: Daitoppa:.
(Tiger → Ox → Dog → Rabbit → Snake)

This is a relatively simple technique that creates a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the user. If used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree. The wind from the squall can blow away all things in the user's line of sight. A variation of the technique involves a smaller blast of wind which gets ignited with flame.

.:Fuuton: Reppusho:.
(Hand Clap)

A simple technique that when the users hands are clapped together, wind is compressed and transformed into a powerful gale. This technique, when used as an isolated attack has the power to easily knock over a human. Though the true value comes from using it together with projectile weapons like shuriken or kunai. Their speed, power, and ability to wound or even kill are all increased several times.

.:Puppet Transformation Technique:.

This very basic jutsu allows Meishi to transform one of his puppet's appearance into that of something(or someone) else. Although, the puppet he uses it on MUST be in the same size range, or a deformed version will be created.


.:Fuuton: Atsugai:.

A tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast sweeps everyone off their feet. If the technique is used by someone who has mastered wind nature transformation, the blast can hit a vast range, inflicting massive damage on both the target and their surroundings.









Overall Appearance:


Eyes: Hazel(Brown)

Short-cut white

Height: 5' 7''

Weight: 110 lbs

Physical Description: Meishi's body is a puppet, made of wood and metal bearings. He does not have a physique of sorts, but is generally physically weak. Who needs to be strong when you've got puppets, anyway?


Meishi fears he will not be perfect. He fears that his life will be altered in some way to refrain it's perfection-and that would be a nightmare to him.


~Flawless Puppetry~

His puppetry is known throughout the land, and is incredibly deadly. When preforming his puppetry, he uses powerful Genjutsu to trap his enemies in a corner, and even without puppets, going against his Genjutsu is not something that is well advised. Also, Meishi has the ability to control puppets as though they where organic lifeforms-it's pretty creepy, but a very, very good trait for fooling others.


Meishi is very old and wise. However, because he still has a young appearance and stamina-level, he can actually put his experience into action by easily figuring out complicated jutsu, creating intricate strategies, and staying calm and collected in the heat of battle. He often only gets mad at his subordinates for screwing up or for not doing something correctly-remember, he IS a perfectionist.


Most puppeteers hide to use their puppets, but none hide better than Meishi. Using his Genjutsu, he can make his puppets seem like living creatures and make the chakra strings invisible, making him a very, very deadly adversary to fight against. Especially in areas with lots of foliage and rock, he can and will hide anywhere and everywhere he chooses, being almost flawless at both points. Even a tracker ninja would have trouble trying to find him.


Being not a true human, Meishi is not affected by Poisons and does not need to breath. However, he is incredibly physically weak,




~Before the Ninja World~

Meishi was born into a modest middle-class family. His father was a Jonin in Sunagakure, as a puppet master. His mother was a merchant at the local market, and together, they had both bought a cozy house out by a large oasis on the outer circle of the Village hidden in the Sand. Life was more than alright, as when Meishi turned 3, his father made it into the ranks of Kirigakure's ANBU, allowing him so much payment that his mom no longer needed to work, and they could live in a large mansion close to the Kazekage's estate! Things did not seem like they could get any better! And they didn't get better, nor did they get worse. They all lived happily in this family since the day they bought it.

~Academy Years~

Meishi was enrolled into the academy at age six, very young for a ninja, but nevertheless Meishi wanted to join the academy more than his father did. There where two reasons for this: one was his childish dream of "being just like daddy." This was cute and all, but it quickly spread into a negative trait, as in his eyes, Meishi's dad was PERFECT. And no one could tell him otherwise, because he WAS perfect-he completed all missions he had gotten, aced both the academy and Chunin exams on the first try, and had some of the greatest puppetry skills in the land-he was a candidate for the next Kazekage. But Meishi started to take this to his heart-no one knows why or how, but it happened-by throwing violent fits when something wasn't done, or screaming when someone else screwed up. In Meishi's eyes, if HE could be like his perfect father, then EVERYONE should be like him! He soared through the academy because he studied all the time, even when his father told him he could rest, he would just lash back and say that he HAD to study. The only projects he had problems with where team activities. When working in a team, he was never seemingly paired with the other top-class students, and this was so the lower students could learn from him, but no one did, and it wasn't a big challenge to see why. If he had something planned(and he ALWAYS had something planned...)and someone else missed their mark or screwed up, he would beat and outcast them until they groveled entrance. His parents didn't need to go to conferences to know that Meishi had violent and aggressive behaviors, and even when his father talked to him about it, he snapped back with the same thing: "I'M gonna be perfect, just like you! If THEY won't be perfect, they're better off dead!" His father would usually use false-modesty to say that he wasn't perfect or that if everyone was perfect their would be no perfection. But Meishi never cared. "If the world was perfect there would be no ingrates like those idiots at the Academy!" Meishi always won those arguments, and even when his father made it seem like he didn't, both knew he did.

On the day of the exam, Meishi was getting nervous. He had never seen the men sitting behind the wooden desks before, but he knew them to be the Kazekage, two Chunin, a team of Genin, and two Jonin(One of which was his father, whom had a stone-cold face most of the time). If he screwed up, then nothing would EVER be perfect about him! So, he got into his stance after being asked to perform the Clone Technique. Really? This was it? No sweat! Meishi aced all of his classes, the exam couldn't be easier. So he transformed into the one person always on his mind, his father. He had every detail to the "T", he had his hair with exactly the same locks as his father, his face was shaped the same, and his height was the same-a perfect replica. Smiling, his father handed him his head-band and Meishi wore it around his waist, just to look different than everyone else-why would he want to cover his perfect forehead? Later that night, he had perfectly-cut fried fish and Mizu soup-his favorite-perfectly warmed with the perfect balance of mushrooms and unions. He loved it. And later, in the dead of the night, his father woke him up. Looking at the clock, it was about 2:30 A.M.(He soon complained that in order to get a perfect night's sleep he needed 10 hours of rest) and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes Meishi followed his bright-eyed and bushy-tailed father to their living room. Removing a few boards of wood, they both entered a secret passage that Meishi...never knew existed. Here, they traveled until they reached a small yet spacious room where his father introduced it as his work office. On the walls, wooden pieces and tool where hung for easy-access, and on the back-wall, where two unfinished puppets.(These puppets would later be re-modeled and finished as Meishi's current body and Grasshopper)His father taught him the Chakra Strings technique right then and there, as well as went over Puppet Mechanics and basics. It was about 7:00 when they had finished, and Meishi was tired, but his father wasn't. This thing became a regular morning session, and sometimes even after diner, to hone Meishi's puppetry skills.

~Genin Years~

About a week after Genin-dom, Meishi was assigned to a squad. Squad number 13, if he remembered correctly, and they first met at the very oasis Meishi lived near when he was younger. Actually, he still was very young-he graduated the academy at age nine, when most of his companions graduated at age 10-11. This made him stick out of the group. His first teammate was a male Genin going by the name of "Gage", who specialized in Wind-based ninjutsu. Same with everyone else in this godforsaken village, he thought. His second teammate was a girl by the name of Alezria, and she was his first love. She was so beautiful, and she practiced Genjutsu. She even taught Meishi a bit of it, which is how he applied it to his puppetry. His sensei, however, was the worst ninja he had ever met. He made it seem like the only reason he was here, or even a ninja for that matter, was to get paid. He didn't teach them anything, and barely talked to them at all. This did, however, give them lots of time to talk, as he also never accompanied them on missions. Meishi's love began to grow for Alezria over the three-years they where partners, and he found himself in an awkward love-triangle for with Gage, who never liked Meishi and whom Meishi never liked from the start. He felt it was diminishing to be in a group with such a young ninja, and Meishi thought Gage was so imperfect, he believed it was contagious and would catch it if he stood near him too long. But this was more than rivalry, although Meishi may have seen it like that, Gage did not. Gage saw Meishi as a speck on the face of humanity, and he needed to be taken care of!

Together, their teamwork was awful-Meishi despised it. They where both out of synch in their combos, and when they needed to concentrate, Gage would do something to force Meishi to screw up, such as throwing a kunai at him in the middle of battle without warning. He believed that by doing this he was showing their love that he was the better choice, although Meishi was obviously against that. Their horrible Sensei was no help, and without caring about their teamwork, he sent them away to the Chunin exams just to get them away for a while. How pathetic. But they where taking it, and the written portion was a piece of cake for Meishi, and seemingly the only time that the team REALLY worked as a team. But the second test was quite different. Upon being dropped into the forest of death, they where handed a black scroll that was written "Earth" across, and they needed to find a white one that meant they had to engage other teams in combat, and they where far from that stage. So, shortly after entering, Meishi decided to break from the imperfect team. He stole the scroll, and headed out into the forest alone, he didn't need them. He really didn't, for he already took down two teams by the time he got to the building-although neither of which had a heaven scroll. At last, he clashed with an Amegakure team who where pretty powerful, but no mach for his Abura Oni, and discovered to his own joy they had a heaven scroll! Briskly walking into the building, and being about the second one to arrive, he awaited the arrival of the other Genin. To his surprise, Gage also arrived at the tower-battered, torn, and broken. He explained that after Meishi left they where both attacked and Alezria was killed, he had just managed to steal their scroll and flee the scene when he arrived. From that day forward, Gage held a grudge against Meishi, whom felt sorry for himself...for her.

There was a month-long break before Meishi had to take the final part of the exam, and he needed it if he wanted to surpass Gage, for he had learned many mighty water techniques while Meishi sat around toying with his puppets. During this break, he became one of the most powerful Genin of his class, as well as discovered his father wasn't as perfect as Meishi thought. One morning, Meishi was sent down to the secret Puppet workshop earlier than usual, where his father was sitting, half asleep. He has stayed up all night working on something...two arms. Really? Just two arms? But his father removed his jacket to reveal he was missing an arm, and it was replaced by a triple-jointed puppet arm! Meishi knew his father could get hurt, and he knew that he could control the arm just fine, but then why had he made two more? Well, his father explained that through a secret Jutsu, Meishi could have his arms like puppets as well. They would make him a stronger shinobi, and so Meishi agreed. It was painful. His arms had to be sawed off, and then the puppet arms needed to be shoved in almost as soon as they where. And to his FATHER'S surprise...Meishi moved with ease. They where as if he was always made for them, and although his mother disapproved, Meishi was slowly rivaling his father in the puppeteer business, even taking some of his older models and fixing them up. He even designed his own Puppet, which his father helped him build-his trade-marked Reaper! Meishi was also honing his skills in Genjutsu-from his mother? Yes, although she kept it hidden from him, Meishi's mother was once a Chunin, but quit when she married his father. Ah, the PERFECT love story, as Meishi thought.

So, with the month breezing by, the Chunin exams final had arrived before Meishi knew it. He watched as his fellow classmates, not as perfect as he wanted them to be but a lot better since they where Academy Students, as they squared-off in man-on-man matches. Soon, Meishi's own name was called, and whom could his opponent be other than Gage? At the blow of the whistle, both completely determined ninja flashed into battle! This battle lasted quite some time, more than twenty minutes, and a time limit was being considered set when all of the sudden a giant water-based attack, looking like a dragon, swept the field and smacked the battered Puppeteer to the side of the wall, unconscious. Breathing heavily, Gage was smiling as the proctor came over to decide the match, Gage now out of chakra from his last-ditch, strongest attack. But just when things where looking good for him, the environment morphed and twisted, and the field was completely fine! A dent in the wall signaled that he HAD used the attack, but he was under a Genjutsu, thus wasting his chakra. Gage, teary-eyed, raised his hand to surrender, when Meishi flicked his left wrist up. Abura Oni blasted from under ground, grabbed it's slate weapon, and chopped Gage's arm clean off, from the elbow down! Both sets of parents watched in terror at what Meishi had down, which he simply stated: "You where not perfect. You aren't perfect. And with this attack, I guarantee you will never be perfect."

~Chunin Years~

As a Chunin, Meishi excelled greatly-and so did his father. Gage losing his arm forced him to drop from the ranks of ninja, and his love, Alezria, was dead, thus there was nothing holding him back from sailing through his missions, doing everything perfectly. His father got, while not becoming Kage, promoted to an ANBU black-ops Chief! They all laughed as he paraded around, flashing his spiffy mask that he got to wear, and about 3 years after said event(Meishi was now roughly 13-14 years old)Meishi started to outgrow his old arms. However, constructing the special wood, gears, and attachments cost too much time and Ryo, so Meishi's father gave up on the idea and let him live with his small arms. But something was off here...his father hesitated when he asked if there was another way to change this. There, in fact, was-although his mother was completely against it thus Meishi's father never brought it up. But, on a late spring day, members of a rogue clan captured Meishi's mother along with other women from the village as a rogue terrorist attack. Meishi wanted to help, but the culprits where A-Class missing-nin, he wasn't on their level yet. Not even the ANBU where sent out due to the torturous ways of the clan, meaning that if even one ANBU was caught, he would spill all the information they needed. That could not happen, so the topic was not discussed for many a day. But Meishi was fed-up with this, and demanded his father go rescue her. He didn't agree at first, but then remembered that one was a forbidden one, said to never be used amongst Puppeteers, but he excused this time as an exception. Dragging Meishi down to his workshop, he explained that Meishi's entire body was going to be replaced with a puppet's body. Meishi didn't understand completely, but he accepted-and his father knocked him unconscious with pressure points...

When awoke, he could not move. He just listened as his father instructed him how to form Chakra threads from his mind, and when he did, he energetically leaped from the table. If he had insides, they would've churned at the site of his body-it was a bloody pile of gore. He had more important things to do now though-like rescue his mother! At once, him and his father set off, but could not find their hideaway. After a week of searching, they had no result, and gave up...Meishi's Chunin years went on for a while, as he was not accepted into the Jonin ranks until some time later, about 20 years or so, and his father had retired of age. But Meishi retained his shape, as he could not get old in such a body. But one day, his time to shine came. The same clan that captured the helpless women of the village before planed a Coup De Tat, and Meishi intercepted them before they reached the Kazekage's estate, living so close, and fended as many as he could off. He killed about three of the group sent after the Kage's head, except for their leader. When Meishi questioned him about the women, he said that he sold them fifteen years ago to a band of thugs whom would most likely use them for personal purposes. After hearing this, the man engaged Meishi in a fierce battle that severely wounded the both of them, but forced the evil man to flee the village.

~Then to now~

Meishi spent many years as a Jonin, his father dying of old age quite some time before. He fought in great ninja battles of old, and saw the progression of Sunagakure with his own two eyes, and even served the ANBU for five years(that's how he attained his current outfit.) Although was discharged for his personality towards his teammates.

Describe your clan a little (at least one paragraph):
Not part of a clan.

How did you find us?:

Sample Role-Play:
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That's good- even more than enough for me.
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Meishi Kazechu

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Lol it's no where near finished yet. I'm just really busy on other sites...
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